Editor’s Letter, Jemima Dye

PR FRAT 3rd IdeaWelcome to our very fresh, brand new and exciting Fraternity hub!

Our whole executive have worked really hard to make the website a great source of info for you all, with a great up to date news feed and a calendar full of loads of exciting events (so we hope you like it!)

You’re probably wondering who you’re listening to, so just a quick few things about me – I’m Jem, your blog editor for this year, and this is my first post, aptly named my ‘Editor’s Letter’. After having to blog for the course last year, I grew to love this style of writing and so here I’m aiming to write to you all with some informal updates, but mostly an honest and open account of what’s going on with the Fraternity, and how we can help you! I had my fair share of ups and downs last year, and so want to offer myself up for any advice, guidance or help any Fresher’s might need! I’ll be around at the events listed below for a chat, and my contact details are easily available!image6

Right, that’s enough about me! Here at the Fraternity we’re all very excited to announce our latest additions! We have three new Honorary PatronsPaul Simpson, our incredible lecturer who has sadly now left the university will be on hand all year round to help the exec and answer any questions you guys may have! (Trust me, he’s absolutely brilliant with advice – Paul, if you’re reading this, thank you!) Colin Byrne, CEO of Weber Shandwick is also a new patron and you can hear him speak later on in the year. Finally we have Colleen Harris, former press secretary to Princes Charles, William and Harry, whom will also hold a Big Picture lecture during the year, so keep your eyes open for that!

We have about 12 speakers lined up for the year (so far!), and so as well as the already mentioned exciting talks, we’ve got Zoe Collins (Creative Director for Jamie Oliver’s) visiting us, and Dominic Smales (Director at Gleam Futures), who has hinted he may bring some of his talent along with him, possibly Zoellla or Tanya Burr! (If you’ve not listened to anything I’ve said so far, I hope you’re more excited now!)Smales

CollinsOur first event we have lined up (a great chance for you to meet all of us and for the execs to get to know some new faces!) is our Pub Quiz on Wednesday 24th September, 7PM at Bar Latitude (if you don’t know where this is, take a look at the uni website – it’s easy to get directions!) We’ll be getting into teams of 6, so let us know on the day if you already have one sorted – don’t worry if not, I know it sounds scary but it’s really a great way to meet people from the course!
You’ll also be able to find us at the Greenwich campus Fresher’s Fair! We’ll be running our stand on Thursday 24th September for all of you to come and say hello! As well as all the info you’ll need about the PR Fraternity here at Greenwich, we also have a photo booth lined up for you to get posing with your new friends! (Our great photographer Viali can’t wait to get started!) Most of the exec will be on hand to act as friendly faces and help with those all important questions you might have (don’t worry, we really will answer pretty much anything!)

I think I’ve mentioned all that important stuff I needed to, so that’s all from me for now! Expect some more news after our events next week, where I’ll let you know what we thought, and also have some great advice from our lovely publications officer Matthew on what it’s like to be a first year student at Greenwich! (You’ll find this very useful, trust me!)

See you all next week!


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