Louise Cooper talks opinion forming, story telling and that all important company culture…

Many of you reading this will know that on the 7th October the inspirational Louise Cooper came to talk exclusively to us at the Fraternity about all things PR related in the financial world – for those of you that are already thinking finance isn’t your sector – it isn’t mine but I came away feeling like I could conquer the world!

For those of you that weren’t able to make it, either because you’re simply interested in us and don’t go to Greenwich university, or because you’re part of the Fraternity but couldn’t come, here are some basic facts about LouiIMG_0609se before we delve into what we talked about…

Louise is a financial anaylist and broadcaster, seen and heard across most major TV and radio channels, and also a writer and blogger. However, it is for her opinion former role that Louise is most commonly known – in the field of finance she is a provider of information to get us thinking about those all important numbers, and how they can affect the market, and affect us on a daily basis.

Listening to Louise talk through her background, career journey and all of her ups and downs made not only me but the rest of the room realise that she has some valuable advice to be shared – so here it is!

The first idea that I want to bring to life in your minds is the notion of story telling in PR – as Louise so accurately puts it,

“we don’t break news, we tell stories”

and it’s so true – although in PR we do happen to release our story when news comes out, our job is about creating a story around that news in a way that pulls our audience into the mindset we require. It’s also important to remember that numbers tell stories toothink about it, how often are we enticed by a statistic and then go on to read the full story?

millennials_1Louise also helped us understand the recently talked about generational theory within the workplace (we’ve been talking about it in our lectures!). We all know that you can’t ignore the media, and as this is a crucial part of PR and where we release most of our ‘stories’, it’s good to realise that actually, in a senior role, CEO’s are often scared of the media – they can’t control it. Within generational theory, it’s obvious that millennials (us) have much more of a vast experience with the media and how to control it than their management teams, born from the baby-boomer generation. Now, whilst we know that the power sits with the CEO rather than the PR department, perhaps one of the reasons this is changing and PR is beginning to sit on the board is that the millennial intellectual gravitas is being recognized! (thank goodness, because we all know that those ‘demanding’ millennials are a nightmare to manage – only joking, I’m one myself!).

The subject that got your editor really thinking and the cogs turning though was all that Louise said about company culture, and our own due diligence. It really is so important to know the organisation you work for – does the company you’re working so hard for to support their reputation actually fit with all your ethics? Or does it cross your personal line? (If so, get out now – or don’t enter in the first place!)

The popular pulse is all about what the great British public think – of course you job in PR is to keep them satisfieduog, they’ll often be an enormous stakeholder group for you to target – but where you fit into all this is what really counts!

Now, I bet you didn’t expect all that from a financial analyst did you? Neither did we! Listening to someone talk in conversation who is so passionate and driven is truly inspiring! That’s why I’ll leave you with this quote from Louise, and a link to her blog and twitter account where you can gain a little insight every day – she’s kind enough to give over her knowledge for free despite her VERY busy schedule, so take it!

“under promise and over deliver, always”



Until next time, your Editor…


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