All of Zoe Collins’ Insights Revealed Here!

Here at the Fraternity we had the fantastic opportunity of hearing Zoe Collins in conversation with our Honorary Patron Paul about pretty much everything!

For those of you that don’t know, Zoe started out her career at Radio 1, but always had a desire to move into TV, so when she got the opportunity to become Creative Director for the Jamie Oliver Media Group, she jumped at the chance.

Before we delve into what we learnt, it’s important to realise just how important creativity is – even 10 years ago there wouldn’t have been specific roles for creativity, but look at the industry now! If we take a look into Google for example, they set aside a certain percentage of their time for all employees to be creative and think creatively! So,not only does Zoe have the word in her title, but her whole job revolves around Food Tube, the video channel Jamie has set up to promote his mission – a healthier, happier life through food. So, let’s just stop and think for a moment – video? In the PR industry? Here comes the first insight…zoe

To be successful with video in the PR industry, Zoe tells us how its all about…content, content, content! Being believable, clear, open and honest both on and off screen is so important – the public will see it’s a set, and it’ll have a negative impact on your reputation!

Before we talk about Jamie himself, Zoe gave us some other really important insights into the industry… emotions, conversations, relationships and food are all channels that we can reach our key public’s through. However, audiences are changing – they’re getting older, smaller, and they all want to consume content in other places (something to be aware of!). Therefore, creating an active community is really important!

But now, lets get onto the real reason you’re all reading this – the insights Zoe gave us about Jamie Oliver! Perhaps the reason we are so endeared to him is because he’s taken control of his own image, and his own destiny. He’s authentic for what he is, and wants to take control of who the public see – the real Jamie. Most of you will know that he grew up in Essex, in a pub listening and talking to a variety of social needs, and so its no surprise that he started Food Tube because he felt he needed to have more feedback in order to give him the most power with his audience. Jamie is also pathologically authentic – whatever’s in his mind is where he’s at at that one time. What most of you won’t know is that Jamie is dyslexic, and that’s what makes him so much more admirable – he manages to build his trust and showcase his talent in an honest, open way, and doing it via YouTube allows him to get his biggest audience.

The final thing I want to leave you with is how important telling your story is in PR … It’s another new angle for how we can get our viewers/readers to understand what we want to say, and a really good way to personalize our message – so thank you Zoe!

We learnt a lot about the industry and gained a real insight into creativity in this session, and we can’t wait to keep hearing what we’re learning!

Until next time…


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