Our exec’s go lecturing…

We all know it’s that time of year again – assignment deadlines are looming, and even those in Term 2 seem to be just around the corner!

So, we thought it would be a great idea to get ourselves out there and interact with our first year students a little more, hence our President Siobhan and I’s decision to take over one of their lectures and talk about… Blogging! (of course!)

Looking back, this time last year we all had absolutely no idea how to create a blog, let alone write one! Offering some simple advice and guidance to the first years was our way of saying “we’re here for you, please use us!” 

Siobhan and I wanted to help them kick start their own blogs, and hopefully deliver a bit of a confidence boost too!

If you’re reading this, and thinking “this is what I need!” then don’t worry, here’s what we talked about

  1. Where do I get content from? For those of you struggling to get started on a post, content can be found near enough anywhere! Try your Twitter feed, lectures, PR WEEK, CIPR, or events in and around London!
  2. How do I structure a blog post? Follow our recommended timeline of writing and you’ll not go far wrong…■ Catchy headline – Makes it shareable and eye catching!

    Brief overview – What, who, where and why?

    ■ Your opinion – This is what makes it a blog post. How you feel? Where did you find it?

    ■ Sections to analyze/discuss – Example: parts of a campaign

    ■ Links to relevant sites related to the topic – Helps your SEO

  3. How do I promote my blog? There are loads of brilliant ways to do this...■ Tags/Hashtags – This helps people find your blog

    ■ Make sure you share! – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

    ■ Richard Bailey – Behind the Spin (This is something everyone must grab onto – contacting Richard was how I got my blog out there!)

    ■ The PR Fraternity website – We need more guest bloggers!

Our first years found the info we provided really useful, and we hope all of you reading this did too! After the session on our advice we set an agenda and asked the students to give it a go… Here are our top 2 choices! Both brilliant reads, take a look here!




For now, I’d like to leave you with some final tips that are essential for a personal, open blog:

■ Always write in the first person – it’s about your own views and opinions after all!

■ Remember Copyright laws on images (if it’s not your photograph, it needs a source!)

■ Use a platform that you understand – who wants to blog if it takes them an hour to log in?!

■ Do an ‘About’ section, let your readers know who you are!

■ Tell employers about your blog – it’s something to be proud of!

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please take a read of mine and Siobhan’s own blogs!




Happy Reading!


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