A wholehearted thank you…

IMG_1104 At the start of the year I had huge plans for The PR Fraternity and in this term a lot of these goals have been achieved.  We re-branded the whole society, attracted a huge number of new member sign ups and ran a very successful speaker line up through the term. This society is run purely by students who are of course doing degree’s and I just wanted to commend the whole executive for putting so much time and effort into the society.


We have had fabulous guest speakers this year, who have taken their time to come into the university and give students their valuable industry knowledge. Our main purpose for speaker events was to share knowledge but students left the seminar hall not only more knowledgeable but more inspired.  Speakers give students inspiration and motivation to become something rather than nothing and encourage them to go that one step further. These speakers who have come are building the next generation into a powerful one and we are so thankful for your generosity.


Our honorary patrons have given us incredible amounts of support this term and have guided us to success. A huge thank you to them for giving up their time and contacts.

A special mention simply must go to the one and only, Paul Simpson. Thank you for giving up your time, expertise and being the kindest man in PR. You have been a big support to The PR Fraternity and will continue to be the foundation of this society.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who supported us this year. If you’ve tweeted, re-tweeted, shared, attended our events or even better signed up for the membership, thank you. We have had huge amounts of support and are very much looking forward to term two.


Have a great Christmas & a very happy New Year!



University of Greenwich PR Fraternity President


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