Adrian Brady on Eulogy’s ‘bottling originality’…

On Friday 29th January the PR Fraternity got to meet Adrian Brady, CEO of one of the Top 25 Independent PR Agencies, Eulogy. The public relations agency have been winning awards for creative campaigns for 20 years, and specialise in corporate, b2b and consumer PR, holding some impressive contracts with brands like Branston, Royal Mail, American Express and Nivea. (Sounds like an exciting agency, right?)

On taking on the role, Adrian told us all about that ‘rolling the dice’ moment – a little naivety, luck and risk taking has allowed him to find his perfect career, and tells us all to figure out what will make us happy, and go for it! In recent years there has been an enormous pressure to be an entrepreneur, but this isn’t for everyone – and that’s ok!

As a PR student whose focus is on an agency career when she graduates, your Editor was buzzing with anticipation about what insights Adrian might bring – and he certainly did! The CEO gave us the low down on what agencies can offer, his favourite campaigns at Eulogy recently and  his top tips for anyone entering the industry – Thanks again Adrian!

“Agencies can offer more”

The PR agency world does offer more to their clients – from events to stakeholder relations advice, it’s fair to say that the lifestyles of these busy workplaces are certainly fast paced!

Eulogy’s CEO shared his approach to simple creativity with us – when given a very detailed brief, it is important for the senior team to pull out key points, and then let the junior team do the work! With smaller brainstorms, the ideas are less limited and can then be narrowed down by tracing them back to the brief. Adrian gave us a great insight here, which shows another side to brainstorming:

“Be brave enough to throw ideas away”

Next we talked about the campaigns Eulogy have run recently (yes, the part everyone’s interested in!) Gorlsch400_Working-on-Wall1

Grolsch this year used some bottling originality to create a cost effective campaign,  that earned traditional and social media coverage – in fact, 133 tweets, 35 pieces of individual coverage with a 100% positive sentiment – wow!

“In the world of brands, iconic status can mean a lot”

and therefore using 400 individually designed bottles to create a wall advertising space was a great way to gain exposure.chambord

Chambord’s Chapter Eight Games was another key event for the agency this year – the brand, who have a female target audience, piggy-backed off of Alice In Wonderland’s 150th anniversary, and gained feature coverage in Bazaar, ELLE UK, the Evening Standard and Time Out.

And, I’m sure everyone remembers this campaign?


Royal Mail’s Gold Post Box campaign caused an enormous hype surrounding the usual red post box brand, and created real noise around the topic – answering the question of how could they make themselves loved again?


Once more, well done Eulogy!

For those of you feeling a little demotivated with the theory on your course, don’t be! Adrian gave us some great advice here too – These theories ARE relevant and here for us to learn from! Try to apply them to real life situations – it’ll become great collateral for exams and also look great in interviews too!

The CEO also talked to us about recruitment – They look for new team members who stand out from the crowd, show their relevant experience and think of themselves as an investment – if you showcase what an agency can gain from hiring you, they’ll appreciate this! Agencies spend time approaching people too, so they know this works both ways!

Commerciality, loyalty and understanding personality are all key attributes for a successful agency, and are everything that Eulogy is getting right! Adrian’s talk was inspiring and informative, and really gave us an insight into agency culture – thank you!

Until next week!

Your Editor


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