Types of People You’ll Meet at Freshers

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica McKenzie and I am the new blogging exec for the 2016/2017 academic year! I thought the first post should be light-hearted and freshers-related as it is looming, so here is my top 10 people that you will come across in freshers’ week.

  1. The Smooth Criminal


This person is that guy or girl that is the life of the party and everyone’s best friend at freshers, they go to all of the freshers events, the fair, you literally see them everywhere…but as freshers ends, they disappear. They go from being everywhere to nowhere; you wonder if they took too many jelly shots and turned into jelly because they fell off the grid.

  1. The Bestie


This is the crazy twin that you meet and instantly see your future friendship with, especially when you realise you have the same kebab shop order. This guy or girl will be your food shop/drinking/hair-holding/gym-going best friend for the rest of your uni experience!

  1. Chunder Chums

girl drunk.gif

This one goes without saying – it is that one person or few people during freshers that try to keep up and ‘peak’ during pre-drinks and will be violently ill before you have even reached the club.

  1. The Silent Partner


This is the flatmate that will be like a ghost all year! You wonder if they eat because they’re never in the kitchen, you spend half the time wondering if they are back at their parents or hiding in their room, and there will be an exchange of around 10 words…the entire year. You try to invite them on nights out and meals out but when they turn down your homemade cocktail, you leave them be.

  1. The Lecturers


Now we have the people that are the actual reason we go to uni! Some are helpful, some are late and some are just plain awesome. Unless you went to college instead of sixth form, for most people calling them by their first name will feel weird to begin with but by the end of the first term you will use their first name so much it sounds like they’re an old pal.

  1. Reps and Promoters


If they’re not your friend…they’re your enemy! As a friend, the rep/promoter will sort you out with the best nights out in London for a price that doesn’t break the bank! They have the booze, the pals, and if you want night of giggles and shots, they’re your guy. If they’re not your friend, their constant messages and promises to get you a table (they probably won’t, they just need to fill the club) will make you want to close down the club they’re trying to throw you in. ‘No it’s not my birthday’, ‘Please stop the messages’ and ‘No I don’t want to spend hundreds on watered down drinks’, are just a few of the polite responses you’ll probably send back.

  1. The Pod People


As a fresher, nobody will tell you how irritating you will eventually find the pod people. The pod is a squidgy comfortable sitting area in the library that is fit for around 6-8 people. However, there are some ever so kind people that seem to take a whole pod to themselves and nap in it/watch Netflix/anything that’s not actual work. Especially when the library is 24 hours (Yes, you will be there at 2 AM!), there is nothing worse than dragging your tired bods to the pods to find one person setting up permanent residence there.

  1. The Mature Student

giphy (5).gif

The mature students can be hard to notice, because you cannot tell if they are lecturers or not, but they are there. They are the keen beans in class, and as much as we do not want to admit, age does mean they are a bit wiser. They typically offer useful advice on how to cook, how to not put a load of washing on…without your clothes in (I did that) and general handy stuff that you wouldn’t think to do.

  1. Sports Societies


Three words. Wednesday.Sparrows.BOOZE. The Sports Societies own Wednesdays, you will soon come to learn. Wednesday is typically matches day, and after they’ve finished hopefully winning, Sparrows Bar is where they turn. You may get glued to the floor, and there will most likely be someone in costume, but all in all it’s a good night (if you’re mortal!)

  1. The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet(!!)


Finally the PR Fraternity!! We are the best crazy little family and we are currently the biggest academic society at Greenwich! We study together, party together, feel hungover together and work well as a team. So if you want a society for life and not just 3 years, we are the ones for you!


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