PR Fraternity: Welcome Event

To kick off the academic year in a new and fierce way the PR Fraternity hosted their first social event of the year. The Welcome Event which had a high turn out at the Greenwich Tavern on the 27th of September was a brilliant success. We had people socialising from 1st, 2nd and 3rd years as well as students on placements, alumni, lecturers and fraternity members from other courses, bringing an old and new brilliance to the Fraternity.  We hope that the fresh-faced 1st years now feel more comfortable and have a wider knowledge on what the PR Fraternity and the events are all about!

We were lucky enough to witness a fantastic speech made by our own University of Greenwich PR graduate and former PR Fraternity president Maisie Goldney, who spoke about making the most of the fraternity during our time at university. The connections people have made from the PR Fraternity have led undergraduates to get internships and graduates to get jobs. Over the summer, one of our students landed a PR Internship role at the London based PR agency ‘Eulogy!’ after the ‘In Conversation with Adrian Brady’ event the CEO of Eulogy! Unsurprisingly, this connection was created by the relationship our former president Siobhan Filsell made when she did an internship in the same agency the previous year. These sort of connections Maisie covered are key in how we should take every opportunity that comes our way with both hands.

“Take every opportunity that comes your way whilst at university – don’t be scared of the unknown.” – Maisie Goldney

During her time at the University of Greenwich, she was elected as the PR Fraternity President (2013-2014) where she was in charge of running the society events, getting guest speakers and liaising with PR professionals to improve the employability of current PR Students and additionally broaden their knowledge on the PR industry.  This widened her own knowledge as well helping others understand the industry alongside. Maisie (pictured in ‘full-flow’ below) is now working for Ford as the Press Officer of Corporate Affairs leading the communication on ‘Ford Smart Mobility’ and ‘Driving Skills for Life’.

The PR Fraternity Welcome Event

Hopefully this event is a prerequisite for  events to come with a high turn out – we would like to thank all those who came and the lecturers who supported the PR Fraternity ‘Weclome Event’. Over and out for now.


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