City A.M Christian May Big Picture Lecture

A couple of weeks ago, we had a insightful big picture lecture from the editor of City A.M, Christian May. City AM is a newspaper that prints the latest UK and world business and finance news. Christian has previously worked as a Director of Communications at the Institute of Directors and in Westminster for a small company that was run by a former journalist. Christian has a wide range of experience in broadcast media audience, selling stories to newspapers in order to try and improve political agenda and influence the media coverage. Christian propelled in education, gaining an impressive Masters in Journalism from City University in London.


When talking about hiring in the company, Christian said how he preferred to hire ‘from unconventional backgrounds’ as it may help the company grow more than you realise. When working in journalism, PR or communications, writing well is more than a necessity, it is highly valued. Another tip is to be prepared for the fast paced and time consuming nature of the job. Other tips Christian May gave was to ‘exercise good judgement, courage, and persuasion when talking to people. Good human relations is important in communications to build trust.’ Another interesting piece of advice was to always have a healthy sense of scepticism and to not take ‘everything at face value’.

City A.M prints up to 100,000 copies every day, and the final changes can be made any time before 1AM. It has been described as the ‘tabloid financial times’, and it posts current and interesting content for anyone interested in business as well as residents in the London area. During their morning meeting they go over their ‘master news list’ which contains the priorities of the next days issue. This can contain everything from exclusive stories to interviews and normal daily information. Eventually, City A.M wants to become less about business and financial news but more focused on city life to target more residents in general rather than business and financial oriented audiences.

Christian May’s Lecture was enganging and an interesting point of view, and there are a few general reasons why a big picture lecture is a worthy experience.

  • You could gain insight from sectors you did not know much about
  • You receive tips from inspirational people with amazing experience in the industry


Here is the link to the City A.M website for those of you who are interested to know more!


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