Jason MacKenzie On Strategic PR


Why Strategic PR is more important than ever for business success

Jason MacKenzie the President of the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations), joined the Fraternity last Wednesday Evening to deliver a thoughtful  and though-provoking lecture on why strategic PR has become increasingly important to business success.

‘The more you change the more is the same’

Jason believes that the underpinning theories within Public Relations are always the same and he has four aspects of PR that are his ‘defining factors’. They are; communications, relationships, reputation, and return on investment.

‘Relationships are equally important to the PR practitioner as communications’

Jason felt that through good communication and relationship management, this will (in turn) generate a positive reputation and return on investment.

Within his talk, he had a strong focus on how the internet has shaped the way PR is today, ’12 years ago, the internet took off in a major way which has transformed the way PR practitioners and businesses act‘. Jason explained that the new challenge is to generate the best PR plan that can communicate the message clearly through media to influence and reach others whilst being interesting at the same time.

‘Obama is an excellent communicator, and so is Trump…’

Jason explained the reasons why Obama is an excellent communicator and how he managed a two term presidency despite being a black president in a partially racist country. Obama had one slogan ‘change we can believe in’, and specific targets. The former president built relationships, created Obamacare and communicated with the people of America in a way that has not been seen before. Despite many people disagreeing with Trumps beliefs, he had the same tactics. ‘Make American great again’ is the slogan, he has built relationships with Russia, he’s communicated fiercely over social media especially Twitter,  and he’s set specific targets, regardless of whether they’re good ones. When Jason asked us ‘What was Hillary [Clinton]’s slogan?’, the room went silent. This was followed by him showing us a surprising article about how during the presidency campaign, Hillary accumulated a whopping 85 slogans! As a communicator she was weak because she tried too hard to please everyone, rather than following what she was passionate about changing herself.

 The Future of PR

There are 6 different things that Jason suggested would effect PR in the future.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Big data
  • Drones
  • Internet of things
  • Wearable/implantable technology

Jason felt that artificial intelligence will eventually dominate writing, and human writers will have to bring more creativity to the work place in order to compete.

Jason final and main point in regards to PR and social media is that in order to work,it needs to be authentic and you can’t control or manage it or the customers!

After the event, a few lovely first year students and the PR Fraternity were lucky enough to
have a sit down chat with Jason, and his insights on PR theories as a lecturer.

It was a lovely evening and Jason Mackenzie was a delight to have as our first Big Picture Lecture of the term.


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