The Vlogstar Challenge

A couple of weeks ago we held an amazing event called the Vlogstar Challenge Workshop by JackPetchey Foundation and the Media Trust and it is also in partnership with YouTube and The Evening Standard and run by the lovely Nathaniel Hawley.

In regards to the competition, 150 semi-finalists who will all be invited to a workshop at Youtube HQ and the 15 finalists will be invited to their state of the art production space. The competition winner will be announced in the summer and will be rewarded with £2,000 for their youth organisation, £500 worth of production equipment, and one-to-one mentoring with YouTube experts. It is an amazing opportunity so be sure to check their website for more information!

The modules covered on the day were as follows:
1) The Phenomenon of YouTube
2) Practical 1: Shoot a 10 second smartphone video blog
3) Filming protocols: Lighting, Sound and Focus
4) Practical 2: Create a review vlog
5) Video editing skills
6) How to Vlog: The What, Why and How of being yourself on camera
7) Passion, Purpose and Identity. Translating passion and purpose into a story that has meaning.
8) The Art of Getting Conversational. Having a point and creating your brand.
9) Practical 3: Campaign Vlog
10) Practical 4: Film a Vlog for the competition
11) Uploading and Safety

To begin with, we were shown some facts about the phenomenon of YouTube. For example, more than 1 billion people visit YouTube every month and 9 billion hours of video have been watch. It is currently the 2nd biggest search engine and surprisingly 1/4 of YouTubes global watch is European, showing that the accent really does do wonders! PewDiePie is a good example of a strong YouTube influencer with around 54 million subscribers, that is almost as big as the UK population. Another unknown fact is that 50% of YouTube views are on mobile devices.

The first practical was simply to create a 10 second smartphone video blog. This was our first taste of vlogging and how to do it correctly. We learnt the correct angles which was straight on or slightly raised but never looking down to the camera. This lead onto the filming protocols.

Rule 1: Always film Landscape

Filming landscape ensures that when you upload to YouTube, the video fits the frame perfectly. Portrait, leaves gaps and looks unprofessional and tabloid like.

Rule 2: Focus

The second rule was to always make sure your camera has focus on you preferred area before you hit record. Otherwise you could end up with a blurry clip which amazing content but unable to be used due to lack of quality.

Rule 3: Find your light

It’s suggested that the best light is in the morning or mid afternoon. Make sure the light is in front of you and and not behind you, or you risk shadows on your face and a darker clip without the flawlessness that comes from natural light.

Rule 4: Sound

Sound on iPhones are great until you need to vlog outside or in a noisy background, when that happens the sound can get lost. The best suggestion is to either get a vlogging camera, or if you have a small budget like most students, your best bet is to purchase a plug in microphone.

After the protocols and a few more practice vlog runs…we were ready to be let loose. We all had to create a one minute video of anything we would like to submit to the vlogstar competition.

Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and indoor

We had 1 hour to go off and film a topic close to us or just anything that we have an interest in. We then had 30 minutes to edit our content into one minute, which was a challenge for some who had a lot of rich content. We then submitted and were lucky enough to watch back everyone’s vlogs.

This was the Vice President of the PR Fraternity’s vlog she submitted:

The day overall was thrilling and eye opening and if you want to apply and fit the criteria, then you have until the 4th March to send off a vlog of your own. If you missed this event, not to worry! On Monday 6th March, we have the successful Giles Kenningham the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister back for the second year running to give us an insight into political PR. Follow our Facebook page for updates!



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